Happy are those who mourn?

Over the past few months I’ve seen a lot of struggling in many lives; much grief, pain, and sadness due to many different issues. I’ve struggled with writing another post about sadness during this holiday season, but I could not shake it. Even during the celebration of Christmas many are grieving and the Lord’s eyes are upon them, maybe you, and He wants to reach out and heal.

The Bible says quite a few things that make you go hmmmmm and one of them is the statement: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted“. In our modern age, we’re not much into “mourning” anymore. Used to be, grief was respected and a season was set aside so comfort could be given. I’m not saying we should wear black for six months, but after a loved one passes, are we really ready to go back to work after three days?  After a painful divorce are we really ready to date after six months?  Be tough and stuff it is the American way. We are too busy in our pursuit of happiness to deal with our sadness.

But ignoring grief is very dangerous. There are a staggering number of people on anti-depression and anxiety medication these days. Others medicate with too much booze, sex, illegal drugs, anything to dull the throbbing pain in our hearts. We cover up our symptoms and ignore the bleeding wound underneath. Or we don’t medicate and just get angry, maybe at God for allowing such things to happen.

In our national loss of faith in God, we have lost the wonderful benefit of His comfort. So, we spend years or decades in a state of depression or anger. He invites us to experience a better way. He knows there is a time to mourn and He encourages us to weep and lay our brokenness at His feet. When we are real with Him about our sorrows, He uses those losses to teach us incredible truths which transform us and the way we see life. To Him, grieving is a precious time to glean truth out of the pain. As our minds are enlightened with new understanding about ourselves, this life, the ones we love or have loved, we are comforted. The truth will set us free.

My pastor gave a great sermon about this topic and it’s well worth the listen if you are in this place right now.  Let’s weep for the night and walk into the joy of the morning!

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