Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

The challenge this week is to get lost in the details of an area, not just capture the broad, long view. Here I am, lost in the delicate details of the frozen Poudre River.  The picture wasn’t very intriguing until I inverted the colors, then it came alive.

Ice EtchingHere is the full shot of the area. I love this bridge. Bridges intrigue us…they lift us up from where we are, suspend us over the world for a while so we can see the broad perspective, then deposit us in a different place, for a new adventure.  This bridge is so sturdy and strong as it straddles the rushing river, and yet it is graceful and beautiful with its lovely natural materials of wood and stone. It fits perfectly into its Rocky Mountain surroundings. This is the beginning of Greyrock Trail, one of the most widely used trails in the United States, located in Roosevelt National Forest, just north of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Poudre Bridge

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  4. Beautiful photos. I love it when you see one thing when you are taking it and when you go back and look at it the Lord reveals even more. Be blessed and find a way to bless someone else.

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