Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Piazza San Pietro, Roma, and beyond. I cannot get beyond this city, it calls me all the time. Sigh.

“The whole city was captivated by a breezy, lilting rhythm, laced with her past glory and laden with a musical joy.” (by me, from my book which will be self published as soon as I get the copyright 🙂


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  1. That lovely avenue that leads to St Peters from Castel Sant Angelo… Via della Conciliazione, is relatively new. In true Italian fashion, the Romans had been arguing since the time of Bernini on how to create an approach to the basilica. It wasn’t until Mussolini’s reign that it was started, in the mid 30s I think, as part of his plan to reinstate Rome’s ancient glory. And also in keeping with Italian ways, it wasn’t finished until 1950 🙂

    But for some reason, when I take people to see St Peters (usually my first stop) I always approach from the west… where the bus would have dropped us office we had been coming in from NDI

    I hadn’t been to Rome in about 10 – 12 years… much too long.

  2. I love that history lesson, thank you, Dino, I didn’t know. So true to Italian form, LOL.

    I agree, I think the basilica is much more disarming when you come round the corner and suddenly see its full glory right in front of you.

    That is much, much too long to be away…maybe someday we can all go back together 🙂

    • Ouch, just re-read my post… some serious typos, surprised you could even read it! 🙂 I think I’ll blame my iPhone and my terrible eyes.

      I have a pic almost identical to yours, I must find it… and also one taken from the opposite side of the dome, overlooking the very swanky Vatican gardens!

      • I didn’t notice any typos, Dino, they are usually more obvious to us when we read what we write afterwards 🙂 Yes, the Vatican gardens are so lovely! Maybe I’ll post one of those next…we can never get enough of Rome’s splendor.

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    • Thank you! Here is my book synopsis, thanks for asking 🙂

      Noelle McDougall traveled the world as a young girl, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean and beyond. But instead of finding herself, she got lost along the way. As she grew, boys and babies only made life more complicated and confusing. At age 33, she met her dream man; Aaron brought a spiritual dimension to her life she had never experienced before. But she soon found herself embroiled in a battle of good and evil that shook her to the core and forced her to find the nugget of truth she desperately needed to survive. Based on the author’s life, this novel flings you across continents and into unseen worlds as Noelle stumbles to discover the meaning of life, and to her surprise, finds it where she least expects it.

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