My Book: The Nugget of Truth

Noelle McDougall traveled the world as a young girl, from the Middle East to the Mediterranean and Iran Steve and me Fixedbeyond. But instead of finding herself, she got lost along the way. As she grew, boys and babies only made life more complicated and confusing.

At age 33, she met her dream man. Aaron brought a spiritual dimension to her life she had never experienced before.  But she soon found herself embroiled in a battle of good and evil that shook her to the core and forced her to find the nugget of truth she desperately needed to survive.

Based on the author’s life, this novel flings you across continents and into unseen worlds as Noel stumbles to discover the meaning of life, and to her surprise, finds it where she least expects it.

Book Excerpts


Living in Rome, Italy

Rain Cloud

Kentucky Rain

The book is coming soon!

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