Vatican Gardens at the Pope’s Resignation

As a devout lover of Rome, I must do a Vatican post after Pope Benedict’s resignation.  History has been made, the last pope resigned 600 years ago.

My family and I were in Rome in 1978 and attended the coronation of Pope Paul 1.  He died 33 days later amidst suspicions of murder…possibly because he was a good man and wanted to clean house. There are rumors that God is about to do a mighty work in the Catholic church, so I pray that another godly man is appointed to the highest seat of Catholicism this year.

Here are the Vatican Gardens, behind St Peter’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, when I took these pictures three years ago I was barely interested in photography, but what the heck, you can’t rob them of their beauty 🙂

Vatican Gardens 1

Vatican Gardens Left

Vatican Gardens 2

Vatican Gardens Right

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