Thunderstorm Photos With a Touch of Magic

I’m a little torn about my blog right now. I usually write but it’s Spring and there are so many pictures to capture!  I hope whoever is reading my blog will be patient and maybe enjoy what I write and the photos I take…?  Is it allowed to do both? 🙂

It’s thunderstorm season and I’m so excited, they are magnificent in Colorado!  I was inspired by another photo blogger to apply some image processing on these, just for fun. They are a bit Harry Potter’ish…dark and funky like the storms of Spring…

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Photos to Remember Flowers

It’s been around 70 degrees all week! Breathing that sweet, warm air rejuvenated me and I was reminded that flowers are coming. Their sweet faces remind me how much tender care God puts into his creations. As I photograph them, I’m amazed to see each petal cut to perfection, the precious promise of each bud, the achingly delicate pastels, and fragrances lifted straight from heaven. What an artist He is, He takes my breath away with these beauties. I’ll bet when He looks at us, our beauty takes His breath away…remember He loves you when you look at flowers.