Are The Heavens Locked?

As we walk through our lives sometimes the heavens seemed locked against us. We pray and pray but nothing happens and God is not to be found. For many, the heavens always seem shut tightly against us.

At this point, many of us stop knocking and walk away. We get angry at this silent, inaccessible, Christian God, turn our backs on heaven, and look elsewhere for relief.  Whoever this God is, IF He is, He obviously doesn’t care.

But God is very much like an honorable woman in love who knows her worth.  He will let our relationship mosey along for a while, showing us the blessings of knowing Him, and wooing us with His wonderfulness. But at some point in this divine courtship, God looks at us and says gently, “I want more.”

Many of us look at God blankly and stutter, “More? What do you mean “more”?  Do you want my soul or something?”

To our surprise, His answer is, “Well…yes. I don’t want to scare you, but if I’m going to give you my heart and my soul, I’m asking for yours in return.”  God doesn’t mind going steady for a while but eventually He wants a marriage with us. He wants to give us the wonder and joy of being intimate with Him, but He won’t give himself away in a relationship of convenience.

If the heavens are locked against us, there’s a good chance we have rejected Him at some point. He respects our freedom, so He lets us break up with Him and search for someone or something else to make us happy. Instead of walking away in anger when the heavens are locked, it’s better to consider…why? What was the last thing my divine lover asked me to do and I said, “No, God, sorry, I’m not going there. And you can’t make me.”

The good news is, even if we have rejected His advances in the past, He is still loving us, hoping for our return, and is ready to open the heavens for us so we can see His glory.



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