Horsetooth Ridge, Fort Collins, CO

Horsetooth Ridge, Fort Collins, CO

Look who’s here: Mountain-Shaper! Wind-Maker!
He laid out the whole plot before Adam.
He brings everything out of nothing,
like dawn out of darkness.
He strides across the alpine ridges.
His name is God, God-of-the-Angel-Armies.
…Amos 4:13 (MSG)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big!

The weekly photo challenge is:

BIG. It’s larger than life, it’s unexpected, it’s the protagonist in a scene. It’s big. It often helps to have some normal object as part of the scene so people can understand the scale. Share a picture which means BIG to you!

I live at the foot of the Colorado Rockies, so here’s a shot that, I hope, gives some indication of how BIG they really are. This was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park. No software magic applied.

Although the Rockies are big beyond belief, they radiate peace and serenity. You can be big and gentle at the same time.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado