21st Century Imperfect Princess

As a 21st Century Imperfect Princess, I look out my tower window, gaze at the Nearly Noble Knights below, and wonder which one might have the courage to climb the cliffs and claim me for his own. I wave, smile, and encourage them to climb up!

But the key to success for a Princess, however imperfect, is this: don’t hitch up your gown, climb out your window, and shimmy down the cliff to kiss a Knight who can’t climb up and get you.

How simple it would be if the cliffs were made of rock and mortar and a Knight’s brute strength could overcome the obstacles between us! Many 21st Century Knights lift weights, run marathons, bike mountain passes, and spend hours of time developing bodies of steel (not that I am bashing that, of course!)¬† But oh, how this Princess longs for one who cultivates the strength to climb the internal cliffs, which are sometimes much more daunting: Honesty (just tell me how it is), Integrity (be who you say you are), Faithfulness (don’t cheat), and a Clean Heart (free and unburdened).

Jackie Kendall wrote a book called “A Man Worth Waiting For” which is a great read for any single Princess. She got her inspiration after touring the country and talking to hundreds of married women who, in despair at still being single, had flung themselves out of their towers only to be bloodied and broken on the rocks below after their woebegone Knights dropped them flat on their heads.

I don’t expect my Nearly Noble Knight to be perfect. As Jackie says, I’m looking for “a flawed but faithful man”…for a flawed but faithful woman. I am well aware of my failings, foibles, and far-from-perfect character…I’m working on those things, with God’s help. As I date, I stand protected in my Father’s strong tower and look for the brave soul who is doing his hard, heart work, too. And when he climbs those cliffs to kiss me, he will have my utmost respect and admiration. Till then, no cliff diving!