More Gardens on Spring Creek Photos

As a follow up to my first post after visiting the Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Colorado, here is my second post. I massaged these photos a bit, too. Very fun place!

Dr Seuss House

Eggplant Parmesan Fixins

Sweet Rachel

Purple Globes

Splashes of Sorghum


Lily Light

The Gardens on Spring Creek Photos

The Gardens on Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Colorado is so charming! It’s a funky, childlike, pixie-ish place, where you wouldn’t be surprised if a leprechaun popped out to say hello.  It’s full of  delightful surprises!  They grow flowers and vegetables (for the Larimer County Food Bank), they have sculptures and various artwork, ponds, and wonderful outdoor areas for birthday parties and potlucks. I tweaked my photographs to match the ambiance, to try to capture the feel of the place.  I’ve got enough pictures for a couple of posts and have enjoyed myself immensely.  (Second post can be found here.)

Piano Man. My wonderful mother and father.


Blowin In The Wind

Fish Pad


Somewhere Over The Rainbow