Chihuly Wonders

Found such joy at the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanical Gardens. I was awed by the colors and the shining beauty of the blown glass intermingled with the breathtaking flowers, all in full bloom. Wow. If you ever get the chance to see his work, don’t miss it, go.

chihulywithcopy 2


Until I made peace with God I never experienced joy. I thought I had…my wine made me happy and numbed my hurts. I partied hard and thought I was having a good time. But there is nothing in this world like the warm, melting, sweet peace of God way, way down deep in your soul. Better than any drink or drug. I took a big swig of that love-joy this Saturday as I “enjoyed” this fabulous display of man-made and God-made art. Delicious.

So that by God’s will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company.
Romans 15:32

Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant…Orange You Glad

I’ve never appreciated orange. It doesn’t match my skin color and makes me look sallow and ill.  But recently I discovered the beauty of it, to which my mother replied, “Good for you, I still don’t get it.”  It’s a unique color that leaves many people wishing for an alternative, but maybe these will introduce you to its flavorful joy.

This little darling comes with sparkles included, wow, just my style!

Orange Vibrant Flower

I love how one flower shows the mixture of yellow and red to make orange. These first two shots were taken at the CSU Flower Trial Garden.

Orange You Glad Flowers

Outside my office at Centerra, Loveland, ColoradoOrange flowers at Centerra 2013 border:

My first post for Sue’s photo challenge.

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Weekly Challenge: Color

Colorado was named for its striking, dark, red soil. Colorado means “colored red” in Spanish. For the photo challenge this week, here is a shot of Colorado Color, taken just west of Loveland.  It was an amazing day of beauty.

Colorado Red

More Colorado mountain beauty…

Horsetooth Ridge

Rocky Mountain National Park

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Italian Loveliness

For those who don’t know me personally, I went to High School in Rome, Italy and have adored that country ever since. In this post, I’m sharing a passage about Eternal Roma from my upcoming book:

And then they discovered Rome. The girls were allowed to bus into the city, so each weekend they fled to the effervescent heart of Italy. Their favorite beginning point was the Spanish Steps, where artists sold their wares and drew caricatures for the tourists under the luminous Italian sky. From there they wandered around town, sipping delicious cappuccino and slurping down gelato.

Over the years, as they explored the streets and historical sites, Noel came to dearly love the radiant beauty of Rome, which bubbled with fresh delight every morning. The whole city was captivated by a breezy, lilting rhythm, laced with her past glory and laden with a musical joy. This melody flowed through the people, who were warm and friendly as they unabashedly indulged themselves in the blessings of life.

It was as if God, after humbling the great Roman Empire, had come back in tenderness and dressed her humility with an even deeper richness. Virtually every inhabitant was a Roman Catholic and, whether practicing or not, held a deep respect for the church. As Noel gazed at the Pietà, the breathtaking Michelangelo sculpture of Mary holding her slain son Jesus, or the splendid Sistine chapel mural of God touching the finger of Adam, she was swept into the pulse of Roman worship and believed.

I love Italy!

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