Word a Week Challenge: Vibrant…Orange You Glad

I’ve never appreciated orange. It doesn’t match my skin color and makes me look sallow and ill.  But recently I discovered the beauty of it, to which my mother replied, “Good for you, I still don’t get it.”  It’s a unique color that leaves many people wishing for an alternative, but maybe these will introduce you to its flavorful joy.

This little darling comes with sparkles included, wow, just my style!

Orange Vibrant Flower

I love how one flower shows the mixture of yellow and red to make orange. These first two shots were taken at the CSU Flower Trial Garden.

Orange You Glad Flowers

Outside my office at Centerra, Loveland, ColoradoOrange flowers at Centerra 2013 border:

My first post for Sue’s photo challenge.

More flower photos:

Ode to Spring

Field Flowers

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