Tea Tranquility


I’ve been taking a spot of tea

And it seems to me

That the British may be

More familiar with civility

Because of the activity

Of sitting down to tea at three


Who would America be

If instead of coffee

Whipping us to a tizzy

We sighed languidly

With a little pastry

And let the world dissolve quietly

With a little spot of tea at three

5 responses

  1. Hey, I liked your comment on Morning story and Dilbert, so checked you out. The Tea Tranquility has a point. My father-in-law was of Canadian birth who in his twenties naturalized to an American citizenship. He never forsook his afternoon tea however. As a pastor of small churches, he always had a study place at home and closed himself away, until lunch, then again at 3 emerged for a cookie and a cup of tea for about a half hour.

    • Nice to meet you 🙂 Yes, I think they are on to something! I’m going to try to get into the routine. I think a calming drop of tea at three sets us right again, washes the stress away, and give us a much needed refresher. When I have time later today (maybe during tea, hee hee) I will check out your blog too 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and your comment!

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