Princess Bride…That’s You

Dear Princess,

I have been watching you for a long time. When you were just an innocent lamb I delighted in your sweet smile and lighthearted laughter. In your teenage years, when you felt awkward and ugly, I saw the budding beauty you were becoming and rejoiced. As a young woman, struggling with insecurities about your looks and your body, all I saw was the sparkling diamond of your heart, longing for someone to recognize who you were.  As you birthed your babies in sweat and tears I celebrated your strength and cheered you on.  When you made mistakes in your family and love relationships I could see the true intentions of your heart, I knew the wounds, I saw the reasons…even when you couldn’t…and loved you still. My dear, you are and always have been, my Princess Bride.

“How beautiful you are, my darling!  Oh, how beautiful!”…Song of Solomon 4:1 NIV

Isn’t that a lovely thing to hear about yourself?  And it’s all true, a beautiful nugget about your true identity. It’s taken the Lord a long time to convince me that He sees me like that.  It’s been a struggle to overcome critical words, abusive acts, and the subsequent negative thoughts I have nursed about myself.

If you struggle with those things, too, let me suggest an amazing antidote for your soul:, written by Sheri Rose Shepherd. Her ministry has done so much to  reprogram how I think and feel about myself, and she can do the same for you. If you sign up for her Love Letters or Like her on Facebook you’ll receive a beautiful and encouraging Princess word each day.

Let me be completely transparent: at first I didn’t understand her ministry, it seemed too schmaltzy and goody-two-shoes for me. But after time I realized that was only because my broken heart couldn’t accept all the wonderful things God has to say about me. So, give it chance, you deserve it!

If you are a man reading this post, consider sending your sweetheart to Sheri’s website…she’ll appreciate that you recognize her worth and love you all the more for it. Or read it yourself, start speaking her true identity to her, and watch her bloom 🙂

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